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Care Instructions. Varies on which product you purchase.

Shirts/Tunics/Loose-Fit/Dresses/Scarves/Shawls: machine wash, tumble dry low, do not over-dry, light moisture to fabric to un-wrinkle, 

Sweaters/Ponchos in knit: machine wash in a laundry bag,  lay flat to dry

Changes or Order Cancellations 


Orders are typically filled within a business day, so as soon as you know there is an issue with your order please contact us and let us know immediately. We will then take the necessary precautions to either change or cancel your order. You may also refer to our Return Policy.


Social Media 


We LOVE seeing our customers in all photos you post on our social media feeds, always feel free to tag our account @ilinenlifestyle.  Please note that posting and tagging us gives us permission to share your photo.

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